Visiting Chef Series

Join us every second Tuesday of the month as a local Chef presents their own creations using our Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars.

Feburary 13th 2015

7PM - 8PM

Maria and Yevette Home Epicurean

Who we are and what we do:

First and foremost, we LOVE food. We love shopping for food, preparing food, cooking food and most of all eating food and sharing it with friends and family.


We started Home Epicurean to share our enthusiasm for food and teach others what we have learned over the years through our food experiences and travels.  When you book a class with us, we come to your home with everything necessary to teach a hands-on cooking class. A class last about 2 hours and afterwards you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor sit down to a delicious meal that you helped prepare! It’s a great way to celebrate an anniversary, a milestone birthday or just have a group of friends over for a unique dining experience.


A little more about the two of us…


Maria Fattibene, Chef & Partner​

Maria brings over 20 years of culinary experience to Home Epicurean. She grew up in Connecticut in an Italian-American family where food was the center of all gatherings. Her love of food and cooking started at a young age helping her mother and grandmother in the kitchen. Maria graduated from the Baltimore International Culinary College in Baltimore, Maryland and has worked in restaurants, catering and most recently teaching cooking classes to both adults and children. Maria's love of cooking and teaching will make your class a memorable and enjoyable cooking adventure!

​Yvette Mahoney, Chef & Partner

​Yvette's passion for foods and cooking all began at the early age of nine. As a young girl she was often found in the kitchen helping her parents with the preparations of Dutch and Indonesian traditional dishes for large family gatherings that often included the invitation of friends and neighbors. Her unique Dutch Indonesian heritage and time spent traveling and living in Europe has exposed her to a broad range of global cuisines and flavors. Yvette also has many years of experience in working with her family bakery, food and kitchen retailers, catering, and event planning. Her most recent discovery was realizing how much she loves teaching cooking classes to those of all ages.

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