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Dirty Martini Mix

Penna Olives

Our savory olive brine is nurtured in aging barrels with our premium olives and then triple filtered for its pure crisp taste. This Dirty Martini Mix not only looks great, but imparts that subtle olive flavor that will make this your favorite mix!

Dirty martini Based on the notion that a cocktail with a fruit garnish can be improved with a bit of the juice of the garnish fruit, a "dirty" martini uses olive brine in place of, or alongside, vermouth. It is also generally garnished with three olives, which emphasize the extra olive essence. Additionally, the term "dusty" martini is a dirty martini that has only a fraction of the usual olive brine. ....from You can get those olives here, plus we have cocktail onions for a Gibson on the picked vegetables page.

Dirty Martini Mix

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