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Hell Hound - Lucky Dog Hot Sauce

Hell Hound is the latest hot sauce in the Lucky Dog Hot Sauce lineup, and it is undoubtedly our hottest to date!  

Far hotter than Heat's a Peach, Hell Hound is not a "novelty sauce", but it is more than respectably hot. Thoughtfully balanced, Hell Hound features the searing heat of the Carolina Reaper, along with fire-roasted peppers, mango, tamarind & roasted garlic to create a uniquely layered and fiercely fiery hot sauce that is more than just a "stunt" product to mess with your friends. Fantastic flavor is rare in a sauce this hot, yet Hell Hound lives up to Lucky Dog Hot Sauce's mantra of not overpowering food. 

As such, Hell Hound is sure to be a favorite among hot sauce aficionados looking for much more flavor with their fire. Hell Hound is unique, complex & layered, with just a touch of evil mixed in for good measure. 

No extract needed to burn with this sublimely savory, slightly sweet and hellaciously hot pepper sauce that pairs perfectly with almost any dish.

Hell Hound is hotter than hell, but it’s still Food’s Best Friend. (Or in this case, Fiend's Best Friend!) 


Pairing suggestions: For those with greater than normal tolerance Hell Hound pairs beautifully with pork, pizza, Mexican food, steak, fish, chicken, BBQ, sandwiches, in soups and stews and will enhance virtually all of your favorite recipes. 


Hell Hound is a Winner!


  • 2023 Clifton Chilli Club National Chilli Awards (UK) -2nd Place, Extra Hot
  • 2021 2nd Place, Scovie Awards All-Naural XXX
  • 2020 NY Hot Sauce Expo Screaming Mimi, 3rd Place Label Art
  • 2020 2nd Place, Fiery Food Challenge - Carolina Reaper 

Hell Hound - Lucky Dog Hot Sauce

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