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All memberships are managed in person or over the phone at (925) 583-5976 

Upgrade your life, and elevate your eating habits with our exclusive monthly subscription! At The Olive Oil Pantry #2, we offer premium memberships for those who fall in love with our products. We offer 4 different tiers of memberships depending on how much product you anticipate using. Billed on the 5th of every month, but should you not choose to come in monthly, then don't worry because your product will still remain on the account, and will accumulate until the next time you come in. You may divide the milliliters owed to you by picking out bottles that would equate to what is owed to youThis is an awesome way to save on your favorite products, and some members save, then use the milliliters owed to them to get gifts for birthdays or Christmas. No commitment cancelable anytime, with flexibility to move up or down in membership tiers, with just a call. 


  • You don't have to pick up every month, instead you may allow your ml to accumulate, and have the choice of how much you pick up. You may divide the owed ml however you'd like with different bottle sizes, and can even leave ml on your account for the next time you pick up. (A lot of members use leftover ml for personalized gifts of products they love for birthdays, Christmas, etc.)

  • Billed monthly on the 5th of every month

  • Excludes white truffle oil (if added, the calculated price s the price of the next bottle size up)

  • Bottle returns are 20-25% for members, instead of 10% bottle returns for non-members

  • 10-15% discount on the entire store

All memberships are managed in person or over the phone at (925) 583-5976 


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