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How Is First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil Made?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

How First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Made

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or EVOO for short) is only to be considered extra virgin, if it is pressed using a particular method called first cold pressing.

This method entails crushing the entire olive fruit at the same time, while maintaining a temperature no more than 80.6 degrees fahrenheit (this is where the "cold pressed" process comes from. Most manufactures press at temperatures colder even than that.

The controlled temperature ensures that the olive oil obtained in the process holds the highest quality and flavor. Higher temperatures will ultimately result in a lower quality oil, that is NOT considered extra virgin any longer.

After the first press, the fruit is no longer used to produce any olive oil. Different oils may be produced by additional and repeated crushing of the fruit under a higher temperatures to produce other varieties of oils. These methods result in the oils that lose their overall qualities, such as the flavor and health benefits.

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