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Italian Coratina Olive Oil

Acidity: 0.21 | Lot: 58444 | Crop: Winter 2020/2021 | Polyphenol: 662


The Coratina trees are secular as are most olive trees growing in the Puglia region. They mainly grow in the hills surrounding the center of the region known for its rich fertile soil and nurturing sun. This mono varietal is late maturing, harvest runs from November until January. The ripe silken qualities of this oil are a gift to any cook. Add a splash to biscotti, pistachio cake, spaghetti or a robust Tuscan soup.

Olive oil lovers may want to add this to their bucket list:

The Italian region of Puglia, in the heart of the Mediterranean civilization, is a land of ancient olive trees, of knowledge and unique flavors, of hospitable people who are proud of their roots, and where tradition coexists with modernity. Icon par excellence of slow food, the combination of perfect deliciousness and authenticity, in towns and cities of Puglia, time seems to halt. Which is similar to that of when one plunges into the depths of the frantoio ipogei, the underground olive oil mills, a hidden treasure that doubles as a fascinating journey through time.

The passion to investigate and explore these ancient oil-mills is ever increasing and has even led to the creation of tourist routes that include a visit to some of these mysterious vestiges of the past. Quite an experience. Excerpt from 2017 oliva tessen / article by Alfredo Briega Martin/ Frantoi Ipogei, Pulgia’s Underground Treasure)

Flavor Profile: Robust and fruity taste with light bitter aftertaste. Aroma is a fresh scent of grass and green leaves. The color is deep green with golden reflex.

Favorite Pairings: Mandarin Orange Balsamic, Elderberry Balsamic, Fig White Balsamic.

Italian Coratina Olive Oil

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