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Lingonberry Jam

All About Lingonberries - #1 Best Seller!
Grown in Scandinavia, Lingonberries were once a secret to the natives and now have become a favorite in America. Lingonberries look similar to huckleberries or cranberries. Each berry is picked wild and by hand, making them abound with flavor. Elki's Scandinavian Lingonberry fruit spread has been our most popular preserve since we began importing it since 1984. Once you've tried it, we believe it will become a favorite staple in your home. Serve alongside a cheese platter with Elki crackers, use in a panini sandwhich with roast turkey and cambert cheese or spread on a toasted English muffin, scone or as a cheesecake topping.

Note from Elki's Owner....

Growing up in a 100% Norwegian family, we lived on lingonberry preserves, particularly on Sunday afternoons when our family came together to cook crepes. Lingonberries have also been a staple at every family party! I have about 150 Norwegian relatives in the area and it wouldn't be a family party without kransekake with lingonberries, fresh whipped cream and powdered sugar. Thanksgiving is another great time to replace traditional cranberries with the bright and refreshing taste of Elki's lingonberry preserves. I hope you experience the same joy and pleasure as I have over the years when you try our wonderful lingonberry preserves. I would love to hear your favorite lingonberry recipes and fond family memories too. Please submit a recipe here.

Recipes using Elki's Lingonberry Preserve

Lingonberry Jam

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