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White Truffle Risotto

New recipe and new packaging. The product is a combo in a box, with a 250g bag of Carnaroli rice and a jar of condiment in powder, containing all ingredients for preparing an excellent risotto: cheese, butter, cream and white truffle all freeze-dried!


100% Italian Carnaroli Rice + 100% Italian White Truffle

250g Carnaroli rice + its condiment mix in powder and super easy
instructions for cooking a very creamy Italian risotto for 4 people.

Ready in 15 minutes, just adding water and salt.


COMPLETE POWDER PREPARATION FOR WHITE TRUFFLE RISOTTO - Ingredients: Freeze-dried cheese (milk, salt, rennet), powdered whey milk, powdered cream, potato maltodextrin, salt, anhydrous butter, powdered egg yolk, freeze-dried Italian White Truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) 0.16% (equal with 0.9% fresh truffle), natural flavors.  GLUTEN FREE



CARNAROLI RICE SELECTED BY TARTUFLANGHE - Ingredients: Italian Carnaroli rice. It may contain soy.

White Truffle Risotto

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